R&D, COnSULTING and Innovation Spinouts


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When people ask what we do, the short answer is that we create things. How we do it is what sets us apart.

Whelan & Williams Industries Inc is best classified as an innovation spinout company. Simply put, we research, design, test and produce objects and processes that solve unaddressed problems. Once that is completed we create a turnkey company that investors and industry specific professionals can run and staff as their own.

Additionally, we assist individuals in the process from idea to market. We know from personal experience that it's not as simple as "You should patent that and make a lot of money." Unfortunately this is the advice that many people receive. Our assistance helps them refine and in some cases proceed with construction of prototypes.

Our industries of focus include but are not limited to health & fitness, ergonomics, aerospace, medical technology, and automation. Since December 2015, we have achieved patent pending status on 5 separate devices and are actively working on several other designs, white papers and market studies.

Paul Whelan is the president and co-founder. With decades of experience in engineering (Texas Instruments), optics, oil & gas and aviation, Mr. Whelan has several patents in various industries. As the advisory and initial investment arm, his mentorship and advice has been invaluable in avoiding costly design errors, using novel methods of prototyping and of course coming up with numerous variations on a theme to ensure that we always have solutions for contingencies.

Christopher Williams is the R&D director and co-founder. He has worked in the health and fitness industry for 16 years but has been a closet inventor for even longer. He has a deep interest in many fields including but not limited to aerospace, health tech, and automation technology. Currently, he is in charge of several of our current projects. His involvement ranges from basic design and feasibility studies, to consultation with patent attorneys, to working with the manufacturers and even taking initial marketing photos.