Production Stage Services

  • Tour Facilities - Never been to a production plant? Never seen a 500 ton press? See the facilities and meet the people who will bring your idea to life.
  • Source Materials - Are there issues with allergic reactions, or tensile strength? How much does the cost vary with quantity. We help you select the materials best for your project. .
  • Detailed Production Quotes - We work with manufacturers to get the best prices for production while keeping track of little details that can make or break a project.
  • Additional Design Modifications - No matter how much attention to detail is paid, there will always be minor changes required just before production. We ensure that these do no change the unit cost appreciably and there is little to no change in delivery schedule.

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Initial Stage Services

  • Idea Analysis - Determine if your idea has financial potential and the extent of said potential.
  • Basic Market Study - Learn who wants to buy your product and why.
  • Methods Of Production - Injection Molding, or 3D Printing? Die Casting, or Stamping? Pick the right type of manufacturer before committing to significant investments.
  • Design Modifications - Make changes to your design before beginning production to save thousands of dollars in retooling or unusable inventory.
  • Business Model Options - Do you want to sell a few items online, or go into international mass production? Knowing how to set up your business will save you money and headaches in the future.
  • Budget Planning - Run a preliminary budget to help narrow down how much it will cost to get started, if external funding is required and what kind of funding options are available.

Sales Stage Services

  • Target Market Study- A much more in depth study of those demographics who are likely to buy your product and in what quantities. Long range forecasting is an integral part of this portion.
  • Logistics and Distribution Setup - You've got your product made and the buyers are ready. Now you have to get it into their hands. We help you select the packaging, shipping and inventory solutions that best fit your needs.
  • Sources For Additional Funding - For select projects, we can arrange a meeting with private investors who may have an interest in being a part of your creation.

Idea Consulting

Have an idea but don't know where to start? Let us assist you through the entire process from mind to market.

R&D, COnSULTING and Innovation Spinouts


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