Behind The Spinout Business Model

One problem with spinoff companies is that they tend to have lingering attachments to their parent company in terms of employees, IP, and even markets. With the spinout model, we avoid all of that by doing all R&D within Whelan & Williams. When the time is right for the product to go to market, we create a brand new company centered on that particular product or product line. Investors are then free to invest in the company at higher than average ownership stakes. In some cases companies can be handed over as complete turn-key entities. The investor gets a custom-structured company they can run and or staff as they see fit and we get to continue doing what we do best...R&D and inventing.

Advantages Of The Spinout Model

  • Risk - Spinout company avoids risk as there is no financial stake in W&WI.
  • Autonomy - Spinout company is free to operate in a manner that maximizes profit, W&WI is free to be creative without restriction.
  • Management - Spinout company's board of directors and management teams can be hand-selected for the particular industry.
  • Late Round Investing/Public Offering - Spinout company can offer more shares due to lack of R&D budget and overhead.
  • Marketability - W&WI only proceeds with products that have a proven market. Spinout company is built around market-ready products rather than having to do testing and research on their own.
  • Support - W&WI offers design support to all spinouts including modification, upgrades and derivatives.
  • Comfort Level - Since different products have different market potentials, investors can select not only an industry they're familiar with, but an investment/purchase amount that they are comfortable with.

For Investors

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