Twistwrist can rotate the screen to give you the best possible viewing angle no matter what you're doing.

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  • Twistwrist is currently the only rotatable phone case you can wear on the wrist. Compared with the upper arm, the wrist does not change shape, size or hardness during physical activity. Furthermore, the wrist location places the phone in the user's line of sight the majority of the time. This is compared to an armband that is located on the upper arm, outside of the 124 degree horizontal arc of peripheral vision possessed by humans.

  • It rotates 360 degrees with 16 separate detents. This allows a user to orient the phone precisely for whatever position they are sitting or standing in. The rotational function also means that a user does not have to remove the phone to take a photo or film something that catches their interest.

  • The case segment can detach from the wrist clip so that the phone can be put in a pocket or purse without having to remove the wrist clip from the user's arm. This is useful for a user who needs to charge their phone or mount it on their dashboard to legally view maps and directions.

  • Twistwrist is intended for users who run, exercise, hike and engage in other active pursuits, however there are many other potential uses and markets.

  • Twistwrist is made of Cycoloy and Versaflex to avoid any issues with allergic reactions. This was a problem early on in the production of certain fitness trackers and forced a recall due to the materials they used.

  • The disengage feature is positively locking, requiring a user to activate both buttons for case removal. Simply bumping the one button against a wall or solid object is not enough to activate the system, thus providing a measure of security for more active users.

  • The pieces are injection molded to ensure accuracy and low cost per unit. It also ensures that very high production rates are attainable immediately.

  • The entire assembly is ultrasonically welded together to ensure strength and durability.

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